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Have you tried REDBOX?

redbox machines are popping up all over the place!  You can rent a DVD for ONE DOLLAR!   If you return it by 9:00 PM the next day, that’s all it will cost!   Can’t return it the next day?  No worries!   The cost is $1 per day until you return it (with a maximum of $25, at which point you keep the DVD).  I have used redbox to rent several DVDs and have been pleased with the process.  The machine is easy to use for both renting and returning the DVD.  And, since I gave them my email address, I receive weekly email newsletters letting me know about new releases. My email address also serves as a way for redbox to communicate with me by email:   alerts send me rental receipts and return confirmation receipts. These emails help me keep track when my DVD is “overdue” and how much I have been charged thus far. If I didn’t live 12 miles from the nearest machine, I would use redbox all the time!   But, since I don’t, I only use it when I know I will be going to town frequently enough to return the DVD in a timely (read: budget-friendly) manner.

Check out the link to take a look at the web-site where you can learn how it works, search for machines, browse the latest releases, reserve a DVD online, and more.

By the way, redbox occasionally releases coupon codes for a FREE rental.


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