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FAMILY INTEL–FREE Summaries of Parenting & Family Relationship Books

I met the owners of Family Intel at a conference in Nashville in July. Thanks to sponsorships, they are able to offer FREE Book Summaries to anyone who wants them. The summaries can be viewed online, or printed for future use.  They do ask, however, that users do NOT print and share summaries.  Each user needs to register at the site, since their support is based on the number of unique users.

Family Intel releases a new summary each week.  Registered users will receive a weekly newsletter highlighting the current summary, the summary from the previous week, and the summary coming up in the following week.  Each summary contains 3,500 to 4,000 words and, “as opposed to book reviews, summaries consist of direct excerpts from the book, not unnecessary comments or opinions about the book.”

The following mission statement is taken from the site footer:  “ offers free book summaries of Parenting, Marriage and Family Relationship Books covering important parenting issues to help busy parents such as: parenting advice, family relationships, building strong families, marriage advice, parenting coaching, raising kids, biblical parenting, raising teenagers, relationship advice, support for parents, parenting tools, family coaching, tools for busy moms, and more.”


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