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On TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2009, the Christmas Cookie Exchange launches at the site of the Hillbilly Housewife.  Each and every blog or web site that participates will be submitting a favorite cookie recipe for the virtual exchange.  I don’t know how many recipes that will be, but I expect it will be a large number.  This is a GREAT way to get a lot of wonderful recipes and all you have to do is VISIT THE SITE to get them.For each recipe submitted to Hillbilly Housewife, she will post the title of the recipe and a link to the site that sent it in.  This is just about the fastest way I know how to get a list sites that are family friendly and full of information that may be of interest to you. AND, you’ll find lots of cookie recipes in the process!  Several of Hillbilly’s friends will be helping her with the virtual exchange, so I checked out their sites as well.  Below, you will find links to all four sites and a short synopsis for each one.

THE HILLBILLY HOUSEWIFE:  Low Cost, Home Cooking from Scratch

SPECTACULAR EATS has a site dedicated to cooking, which includes the categories “Cook Once, Eat Twice;” “Cooking in Season;” “Make Ahead Meals;” and more.

MOMS IN A BLOG is like several blogs in one with sections dedicated to “Health & Wellness;” “Christmas;” “Decor & Design;” “Frugal Living;” and more.

JUST NOT MARTHA is a blog with recipes, lots of links, and even a board where you can post a button to “plug” your own family friendly blog or site.

Check them out when you get a chance and don’t forget to visit Hillbilly Housewife on TUESDAY to get FREE Cookie Recipes!

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