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Some “Technical Difficulties” Are Self-Inflicted

So, thanks to the Cookie Exchange, I finally had some traffic on my site.  🙂 🙂 :)What a great time to “show off” with a bunch of new posts, right? Well, not so much!  Why,  you ask?   Hmmm, let’s see.  As I was packing for my trip to TN (with my three kiddos in tow), I forgot something.  Rolling laptop case–check!  Lap desk–check!  Laptop–check!  Mouse–check!  3 gig Travel Drive–check!  Power cord and adapter–UH OH!  I forgot to pack the power source!  Aarrgh!  Grrrr!  Sigh!  😦 My Dad went online to find out how much it would cost to buy a replacement and, ahem, let’s just say this Frugalista is way too frugal to buy a new one.  Waaaay toooo fruuuugal!  So, on to Plan B.  *ring*ring*ring*  “Hi, honey, are you going to the post office today?”  Yeah!  He’s sending it to me in a Priority Mail Flat Rate box and I hope–really, really hope–it arrives in two days!  At this time, that would be *TOMORROW*.  Meanwhile, I’ve been using the old desktop at my parents’ house to keep up with my email.  To say I get a lot of email would be an understatement!  I mean, I get *a lot* of email.  And much of it has to do with keeping this blog going with all the great things I want to post here.  But, I digress a little.  Dad has WiFi, High-Speed Internet, and even a new laptop (and it’s even a Mac, the lucky duck!)  But, this desktop is soooo sloooow.  Hence, the cold dry spell of no posting!  It has only been a few days, actually, but in the cyberworld it seems like forever!  Still, there is always tomorrow!  🙂


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