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My family will be heading out soon to attend a New Year’s Eve game night at the church we attend.  Since it’s 45 minutes away, it’ll be well after midnight when we return home.  S0, I’m getting a head start and posting now.

I have fresh bread baking in the oven and it smells so good!  I’ll be taking it out just before we head out the door.  Not only will it taste good when we eat it, but it will keep my lap warm all the way to the church building.  :o)  But I digress!

I’m an incurable Night Owl, so I’ll probably be back and ready to post early in the New Year (that is, around 1:30 am on the 1st). But, if I’m not up to it, I’ll catch you all a little later in the day.  I still have plenty of deals to post about, despite my posting frenzy of last eve!  And I am committed to finding even more ways to save in the new year!  I will pass them on to you, of course!

I pray that you and yours will be safe tonight.  If you don’t mind, please say a prayer for us too.  May you all be blessed in the year 2010!

In Christian Love,



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