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Update: Food Lion Super Sale–Here’s the LINK

GOOD NEWS! Not only did I find the details of this promo, I was able to immediately post the link using Press This. (Pretty cool!) Of course, I couldn’t just leave it at that, so I’m here gabbing (err, blogging) with a bit more information.

I visited my local Food Lion and purchased 41 qualifying items. I always add an extra just in case I mis-counted. Sort of the “40 lashes save one” mentality, except in the reverse. I mean, who wants to find out that she didn’t qualify for the FULL discount while she’s standing at the register with unknown strangers in the line behind her? What if they’re in a hurry, having a bad day, or just plain old mean?! Anyway, while I was in the store, I noticed zero (zip, zilch, nada) ads about this promo. Hmmmm. I had the strange feeling that my discount wouldn’t register, ya know? On the other hand, the Food Lion brands were on sale and I did buy things that I would use anyway, so it wouldn’t be a major crisis if my local store somehow didn’t get the memo or decided not to participate. Well, you guessed it, when I checked out, I did not get the $10 discount. I checked my receipt thoroughly, then swifty motivated to Customer Service. But, they were busy and I didn’t have any proof, so I left. After coming home, unpacking the groceries, and eating supper, I finally had time to find the proof. Yep, the official Food Lion site says the promo starts today and my local stores are participating. So, I’ll be re-visiting my local Food Lion with proof and receipt in hand to get my $10 refund. And, well, if they don’t wanna give it to me, I know how to be a “squeaky wheel”. Don’t mess with a gal who likes to save money and even blogs about it! Hehe!

By the way, the super saver sale lasts until February 2nd, so there’s plenty of time for you to get in on it. 🙂
Food Lion:: Current Promotions :: Super Sale.

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