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I have an idea! It’s called a BLITZ! Yes, a BLITZ!

Just what is a BLITZ!?  It is a post with more than one post in it.  Huh?  Well, you see, when I sit down to add to the blog, I often have many different things to blog about.  But, that means you end up with, say, 8 new posts a day coming into your inbox.  (That is, if you subscribed and chose immediate delivery of all new posts.  If you didn’t, then you might not care as much about the BLITZ!  But, read on anyway, ‘cuz maybe you’ll still care a little.)  Now, I rather like receiving bits of information in well-organized little chunks.  But, if every email I received was broken into 2 (or 5, or 10) different chunks, then that would be a lot of emails.  (And I probably wouldn’t like it after all!)  So, the BLITZ! is a way of putting several related bits of information into one post.  It would be cool to have a BLITZ! widget, or something like that, but I don’t.  So, I’ll just do it the “old-fashioned” way, which is to put it all together myself.  LOL!

So, here’s how it will work.  Let’s say I want to blog about 3 different grocery store ads/sales/coupons/etc.  I put them ALL in the same post and call it a Grocery BLITZ!  Now consider that I have a lot of unrelated things to blog about, but in order to save time (and emails cluttering your inbox), I put them all together and call the post a Patchwork BLITZ!  Does that make sense?

So, if you see the word BLITZ! in the post title, you’ll know there’s more than one topic inside.  And, if see you the word Craft in front of the word BLITZ!, you’ll know there’s more than one craft topic inside.  Cool, huh?

I’m about to give it a try with a new post.  Stay tuned for that and please let me know what you think!  Comments are moderated, but I will approve them with a few restrictions:  no SPAM, no cursing, no divisive or derogatory comments, etc.  Constructive criticism is OK, but only if you really, really feel you must.  Hehe!

[A brief disclaimer:  One of the informal definitions of the term, “blitz,” is a concentrated effort to get something done.  That’s how it is used for this blog.]


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