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Register for FREE at, then start earning FREE swagbucks that can be redeemed for FREE stuff.  You can earn for searching the Internet with their search engine, purchasing items from their affiliate stores, taking advantage of  special offers, promoting swagbucks on your own site or blog, and more.

I haven’t been very dedicated to the swagbucks concept, so I haven’t earned a lot of swagbucks for myself. Mainly, I earn swagbucks when I remember to use their search engine.  I have it downloaded to my Safari browser, but I quit using Safari.  (I loved it until I upgraded, then it started giving me fits.  *sigh*)  Since I now use Google Chrome for browsing, I visited the swagbucks site and downloaded the swagbucks plugin and made Google Chrome my default browser.  Now, it should be a lot easier for me to earn swagbucks for my Internet searches.  I’m often searching the ‘Net, so I really should make sure I get my free swagbucks for doing so.  I’ll also earn swagbucks for promoting the site here.  If you sign up, search, and win, I’ll earn more too.

I have several friends who have been very sucessful with swagbucks.  One friend redeems her swagbucks for Amazon gift cards and, when I last checked, she had earned about $50 in gift cards.  Not bad at all!   And, by the way, it didn’t take her years.  She does this in mere months.  Add that up over time and it amounts to big bucks.  She bought a lot of her Christmas gifts using those Amazon gift cards!

There are some useful things to know about swagbucks.  First, you can search from the swagbucks site (without downloading the toolbar), but you might not remember to do that every time you search.  Download the toolbar to your default browser so that your searches automatically qualify for swagbucks.  Second, you won’t win swag bucks for every Internet search.  So, sitting at the computer for hours making up searches won’t work.  Most people say that they win about twice a day and those wins aren’t close together. If searching isn’t part of your normal routine and you are searching just to try to win swagbucks, try doing a search in the morning and another in the evening.  If you don’t win on your first search, try a few more times.  Refreshing your browser might help, if you’re not having any luck.   Third, every Friday is MEGA SWAG BUCKS Day.  I generally win one swagbuck for each of  my winning searches.  But, yesterday was Friday and I earned FIVE in one search.  It is possible to earn up to ONE HUNDRED swagbucks on MEGA SWAG BUCKS Day.  Fourth, if you are going to order something off the Internet, check to see if the store is listed with swagbucks.  If it is, start your visit with swagbucks so that you’ll earn for your normal purchases.  Fifth, sign up for the swagbucks newsletter.  Every now and then, they’ll send you a freebie code to enter into the swagbucks code box (on the website). Sixth, follow the swagbucks blog for great tips.   For instance, you’ll learn about swagbucks giveaways such as the 500 SWAG BUCKS GIVEAWAY, where you can redeem a few swagbucks for a chance to earn LOTS of swagbucks (or other prizes).   Seventh, invite your friends.  When they join, search, and win, so do you!   Eighth, promote swagbucks on a social networking site (such as facebook), on your web site, or on your blog.  When someone clicks your link, join, searches, and wins, so do you!  Ninth, earn swagbucks by using TradeIn.  Recycle your old cell phone or trade in video games and consoles.  Tenth, check out the SPECIAL OFFERS page for even more ways to earn swagbucks.

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