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Blog Recommendation: Mama’s Money Savers

Cher is a stay-at-home mom of two young boys.  Her blog, Mama’s Money Savers, contains Book Reviews, Giveaways, Product Reviews, and more.  I receive eNewsletters from her because I’m subscribed to her blog.  Today’s eNewsletter contained an interesting post about the false mentality that name brand formula is better for your baby than store brand formula (and a related lawsuit).  Because purchasing store brand formula saves money (versus purchasing name brand formula), I felt it was worth mentioning here in a blog dedicated to frugality.  Many moms fall into the trap of thinking name brand formula is safer for babies. This is simply not true!

I previously added a couple of  links to this blog relating to safety.  Even though I didn’t blog about those links when I posted them (Shame on me!), they are there.   One of the important things for frugal folks to remember is that safety should not be compromised for the sake of frugality.  For instance, I would never intentionally recommend that someone buy a product that had been recalled or deemed unsafe.  A cheap garage sale find isn’t worth it if it isn’t safe!  Frugality and safety often go hand-in-hand.  Therefore, even if safety isn’t the main focus of my blogging mission, I’ll try to blog more about it in the future.  For now, I just don’t have enough time. As my country cousins would say, “I’ve got too many irons in the fire!”

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Blog Recommendation: Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves

Sarah, a stay-at-home mother of two young children including a newborn boy born last month, authors the blog Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves.  I wish I had known about her when my kids were little.  On the other hand, she probably wasn’t blogging then.  LOL!   At any rate, she does product reviews and that enables her to offer giveaways on her blog.  There are numerous ways to enter her giveaways.  For each giveaway, you must complete a mandatory entry.  This usually consists of visiting the company site and choosing your favorite product then telling her what that product is in a comment (for your first entry in the giveaway).  After the mandatory entry is completed, you can “earn” extra entries by entering her other giveaways and telling her which ones you entered in another comment; becoming a fan of her blog on facebook; blogging about the giveaway; putting her button on your blog; etc. For each thing you do, you just add a comment to the giveaway to tell her.  Each unique comment earns an entry in the giveaway. Winners are selected randomly using  Winners are posted on the blog and emailed privately.  Each winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner is chosen.

Currently, Sarah has several really cute items up for giveaway:  a soft rag doll of winner’s choosing from Adorable Kinders doll; a Baby Nest carrier from My Baby Nest; and an adorable eco-friendly tea set from Green Toys.

So, if you’re a bit confused, here’s how I worked it:  For each of the above giveaways, I visited the company’s site and commented about my favorite item at the giveaway; commented that I was a facebook fan of MMMH; commented that I am an email subscriber; and commented that I had entered the other two giveaways.  That earned me 5 entries in each giveaway.  After posting this, I will be able to go back and enter another comment for each giveaway, bringing my total to 6 entries each.  It’s easy, so give it a whirl!  :o)

Since my youngest is 6 and a boy, I don’t really need a doll, a baby carrier, or a tea set.  BUT, I have several little nieces and nephews.  Plus, I know several women who are expecting.  If I win, I know I will be able to bless someone else and that was worth the effort to repeatedly enter those giveaways.

It is also worth noting that Sarah’s reviews don’t always end in a giveaway, but I’ve found them to be a great way to learn about products that I’ve never heard of before.  For instance, she reviewed the FUMI purse hook, which is perfect for the germaphobe!

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