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I recently mentioned that I follow the blog of Penny Raine and enjoy her eBook collection, Creatively Simple.  She sent out a newsletter today announcing the arrival of 4 new eBooks.  These eBooks are “Best of” compilations from her newsletters and they do qualify for the 50% discount announced earlier this week.

In addition, she occasionally posts a FREEBIE on her web-site.  She has one there now and the title is 101 Ways to Save Money: Study Guide.  I downloaded it earlier today, but haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet.  Since this blog is dedicated to frugal living, I thought you’d want to know about 101 ways to save money!  🙂

[Edited to add]  DUH!  It’s a good thing I usually double-check my published posts!  I forgot the link for Penny’s FREEBIE!  Here it is…


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