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Blog Recommendation: “Cents”able Momma

“Cents”able Momma (Helping You Be “Able” to Save Your “Cents”) is authored by a stay-at-home mother of two boys.  She began blogging in 2008 and has one of my favorite blog designs.  Her blog appears and functions much like a regular web site, which is a feature I desire to someday achieve (but obviously have not yet accomplished with this bare bones, easy-to-use, free WordPress theme).  On her site, she has a BEGINNERS page, which is obviously a great place to start for anyone who is new to the frugal lifestyle.  She also has an EARN MONEY page with a variety of ways to earn a little extra cash for doing something new, or making the most of something you already do.   Head on over and check it out!  She blogs about things that just don’t really enter my realm of knowledge, such as Meijer (which we don’t have in my area) and making money by transferring prescriptions (which I don’t do because insurance pays for our prescriptions).  Eventually, I want to branch out more, but there are only 24 hours in a day and I already spend many of them online as I get this blog (and other online ventures) going.  Did I ever mention that I tend to take on too much at one time?!?!  At this time of year, though, it is easy for me to spend so much time online because I for sure do not want to spend them outside in the bitter cold.  This is our 6th winter in VA (since moving back in ’04) and this one has been the absolute coldest so far.  Brrr!  I’m so glad it is usually much milder here!

By the way, I love the clever title and tag line of  “Cents”able Momma!  I originally wanted to call my own blog, Cents & “Cents”ibility.  But, when I searched the ‘Net to make sure I wasn’t infringing on someone else’s idea, I sadly discovered that someone else was, indeed, using it. *sigh* This prompted me to spend several hours (Yes, really!) trying to come up with another clever name.  Over and over and over again, my ideas were shot down as I discovered that someone else had already though of it. *big heavy sigh*  I finally decided to use alliteration.  For example, “Blog Barn” or “Frugal Frog” (not that frogs are frugal, but I like frogs) and had trouble even finding a unique idea within that framework.  I finally settled on Friendly Frugalista.  It wasn’t my first choice, or my second, or even my 50th.  But, at least no one else was already using it!  LOL!   So, there ya have it–honesty at its brutal best!  And an admission that there are actually a lot of people in the cyberworld who are just as clever as me! Hehe! And that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to find out how to get a copyright.  Hmmm!


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