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Homeschool Freebie of the Day – Friday

In the midst of the technical difficulties, I was unable to send a reminder yesterday about Homeschool Freebie of the Day.  As I mentioned earlier this week, they divided The Big Handbook of Nature Studies into 6 files and spread them out through the week.  I suspected that they’d leave the links up so that folks who heard about this late, or who forgot to download everyday, would have a chance to get the whole eBook.  Well, I was right!  They announced today that they will be keeping all 6 links available through the weekend.  So, if you missed anything, you can still get it.  If you didn’t know about it until now, you can still get it all.  🙂

Here’s a rundown for the whole week:

Monday:   Introduction and Teacher’s Guide (Part I) and Bird/Fish Study (Part II)

Tuesday:   Reptiles, Amphibians, & Mammals (Part III)

Wednesday:   Insects & Invertebrates (Part IV)

Thursday:    Trees & Plant Life (Part V)

Friday:   Earth, Water, & Sky (Part VI)

Now, that’s an impressive collection of files!  But, on top of that, they posted some extra freebies during the week.  Those extra links are still up too, so I think you’ll have  good chance at downloading those files as well.

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A Special Announcement from Cara, author of the Friendly Frugalista

The Friendly Frugalista has been up and running for a few months and things are going well.  I am pleased to announce the official launch of two additional sites that I’ve been working on!  Our family has been committed to homeschooling since our first child was born over 15 years ago.  Over the years, we’ve tried many resources, enjoyed successes, endured failures, schooled while moving or traveling, shared our journey with others, and learned from the adventures of other homeschoolers.  For a long time, I’ve wanted to establish a web site for homeschoolers to share with–and learn from–them.  But, I’ve discovered through my experiences as a blogger that it is much easier to add new information to a blog than it is to do so to a static website.  After nearly 3 months of trying out a variety of host domains, I finally came up with a balance that works for me (for now). I will continue to learn and grow as I go along and, perhaps, come up with a better plan.  But, for now, I have established a web site (hosted by Homestead) with information for homeschoolers *and* a blog (hosted by HostSo) to accompany the site.  I’m still tweaking things a bit to see how best to keep all 3 sites up-to-date without too much overlap, but the sites are finally up and running.  In a way, the new blog is like a homeschool version of The Friendly Frugalista.  If you are interested in homeschooling topics, please take a peek at these new sites.

Blessings, Cara

P.S.  In the future, I hope to upgrade this blog to a hosted site too.  But, I spent a lot of trial-and-error time on the other blog, so I’ve kept this one as is while learning the ropes.  It is a lot easier to destroy a non-published blog than a published one.  LOL!

Evergreen Home Education (the main homeschooling web site, hosted by Homestead)

The EHE Blog (the accompanying blog for Evergreen Home Education, hosted by HostSo)

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