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Skin MD Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Skin MD is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day Giveaway valued at $100.  Enter to win through February 7, 2010, and also earn additional entries by blogging, subscribing to the Skin MD feed, etc. and then emailing them to let them know what you did to earn the extra entries.

The giveaway includes:

(1) A Bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

(2) A Bottle of Skin MD Natural + SPF Shielding Lotion

(3) One Pound of See’s Dark Assorted Chocolates

(4) 12 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee Pouches

(5) A “Kiss Me” Mug

(6) A Cuddly Teddy Bear

(7) Lollipop Bouquet

(8) A Line Wicker Basket

Click here for the details and to register for your first entry.  Good luck!


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This Week at Meijer: Ad, Online Sales (No Coupon Code Needed), and More

I don’t have Meijer in my area, but it seems to be very popular with my chat board buddies who do.  In addition, several of the bloggers I follow are posting about the great deals at Meijer.  So, I signed up for the Meijer weekly ad in order to be able to blog about it too.  If you live in an area that has a local store, I envy you.  If you’re “deprived” like me and don’t have a local store to shop at, you might still be interested in the online store.  I know I’ll be checking it out thoroughly!

This week, Meijer is offering several deals in their online store:

*Buy 2 or more housewares, get 20% off all.  (No promo code needed.)

*Buy $40+ of HP ink, get a $10 gift card.  (Available in-stores too.)

*Save 5% in Grocery and Drug Store. (No promo code needed.)

Click here to search for a Meijer store.

Click here for the online version of the email ad.

You can also earn entries in the $1000 Power Review Sweepstakes by doing product reviews at  You don’t have to purchase the item at Meijer in order to review it.  Just look for an item you want to review in the online store, then click on its review tab to start the review process.  You can even add pictures or videos to your review.  Each qualifying review earns one entry in the $1000 sweeps.  Get the basic details here.   Get the official rules here.  There is a long list of retailers particpating in the Power Review Sweepstakes.  Get the list here.

While you’re visiting the Meijer web sit, be sure to take a good look around.  You can also register to use special features, such as the recipe finder, shopping list, and coupon printer.

Want to see how a fellow blogger saves big bucks at her local  Meijer store?  Click here to see what Megan of Daily Essentials and Deals bought this week!  I’m amazed!

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Get FREE Stuff by using

Register for FREE at, then start earning FREE swagbucks that can be redeemed for FREE stuff.  You can earn for searching the Internet with their search engine, purchasing items from their affiliate stores, taking advantage of  special offers, promoting swagbucks on your own site or blog, and more.

I haven’t been very dedicated to the swagbucks concept, so I haven’t earned a lot of swagbucks for myself. Mainly, I earn swagbucks when I remember to use their search engine.  I have it downloaded to my Safari browser, but I quit using Safari.  (I loved it until I upgraded, then it started giving me fits.  *sigh*)  Since I now use Google Chrome for browsing, I visited the swagbucks site and downloaded the swagbucks plugin and made Google Chrome my default browser.  Now, it should be a lot easier for me to earn swagbucks for my Internet searches.  I’m often searching the ‘Net, so I really should make sure I get my free swagbucks for doing so.  I’ll also earn swagbucks for promoting the site here.  If you sign up, search, and win, I’ll earn more too.

I have several friends who have been very sucessful with swagbucks.  One friend redeems her swagbucks for Amazon gift cards and, when I last checked, she had earned about $50 in gift cards.  Not bad at all!   And, by the way, it didn’t take her years.  She does this in mere months.  Add that up over time and it amounts to big bucks.  She bought a lot of her Christmas gifts using those Amazon gift cards!

There are some useful things to know about swagbucks.  First, you can search from the swagbucks site (without downloading the toolbar), but you might not remember to do that every time you search.  Download the toolbar to your default browser so that your searches automatically qualify for swagbucks.  Second, you won’t win swag bucks for every Internet search.  So, sitting at the computer for hours making up searches won’t work.  Most people say that they win about twice a day and those wins aren’t close together. If searching isn’t part of your normal routine and you are searching just to try to win swagbucks, try doing a search in the morning and another in the evening.  If you don’t win on your first search, try a few more times.  Refreshing your browser might help, if you’re not having any luck.   Third, every Friday is MEGA SWAG BUCKS Day.  I generally win one swagbuck for each of  my winning searches.  But, yesterday was Friday and I earned FIVE in one search.  It is possible to earn up to ONE HUNDRED swagbucks on MEGA SWAG BUCKS Day.  Fourth, if you are going to order something off the Internet, check to see if the store is listed with swagbucks.  If it is, start your visit with swagbucks so that you’ll earn for your normal purchases.  Fifth, sign up for the swagbucks newsletter.  Every now and then, they’ll send you a freebie code to enter into the swagbucks code box (on the website). Sixth, follow the swagbucks blog for great tips.   For instance, you’ll learn about swagbucks giveaways such as the 500 SWAG BUCKS GIVEAWAY, where you can redeem a few swagbucks for a chance to earn LOTS of swagbucks (or other prizes).   Seventh, invite your friends.  When they join, search, and win, so do you!   Eighth, promote swagbucks on a social networking site (such as facebook), on your web site, or on your blog.  When someone clicks your link, join, searches, and wins, so do you!  Ninth, earn swagbucks by using TradeIn.  Recycle your old cell phone or trade in video games and consoles.  Tenth, check out the SPECIAL OFFERS page for even more ways to earn swagbucks.

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Blog Recommendation: Frugal Plus

Jill, a work-at-home mother of 7, has been blogging about savings for over 6 years, but I discovered her blog only recently.  She has some great deals listed on her blog, including a JCP coupon, a Filtrete rebate, and an Old Navy coupon.  She also recently reviewed the book, Once An Arafat Man, by ‘Taas Saada.  Check out her blog, Frugal Plus, for all of her coupons, freebies, giveaways, reviews, and more.

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Dollar General: Fresh Start Sweepstakes

Click here to enter the Dollar General Fresh Start Sweepstakes with over $400,000 in prizes.

*Sweeps is open for entry until January 31, 2010.   Winners will be chosen on or about February 11, 2010.

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Hobby Lobby Online: Weekly Giveaway of $100 Online Shopping Spree

Hobby Lobby Online is also offering a weekly giveaway:  one winner of a $100 Online Shopping Spree EACH Friday.  To qualify, all you need to do is register with Hobby Lobby Online.  You will then be automatically entered in the giveaway.   The linked page from the Craftabilities blog provides the details and a link at the bottom where you can register.

Good Luck!

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Blog Recommendation: Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves

Sarah, a stay-at-home mother of two young children including a newborn boy born last month, authors the blog Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves.  I wish I had known about her when my kids were little.  On the other hand, she probably wasn’t blogging then.  LOL!   At any rate, she does product reviews and that enables her to offer giveaways on her blog.  There are numerous ways to enter her giveaways.  For each giveaway, you must complete a mandatory entry.  This usually consists of visiting the company site and choosing your favorite product then telling her what that product is in a comment (for your first entry in the giveaway).  After the mandatory entry is completed, you can “earn” extra entries by entering her other giveaways and telling her which ones you entered in another comment; becoming a fan of her blog on facebook; blogging about the giveaway; putting her button on your blog; etc. For each thing you do, you just add a comment to the giveaway to tell her.  Each unique comment earns an entry in the giveaway. Winners are selected randomly using  Winners are posted on the blog and emailed privately.  Each winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner is chosen.

Currently, Sarah has several really cute items up for giveaway:  a soft rag doll of winner’s choosing from Adorable Kinders doll; a Baby Nest carrier from My Baby Nest; and an adorable eco-friendly tea set from Green Toys.

So, if you’re a bit confused, here’s how I worked it:  For each of the above giveaways, I visited the company’s site and commented about my favorite item at the giveaway; commented that I was a facebook fan of MMMH; commented that I am an email subscriber; and commented that I had entered the other two giveaways.  That earned me 5 entries in each giveaway.  After posting this, I will be able to go back and enter another comment for each giveaway, bringing my total to 6 entries each.  It’s easy, so give it a whirl!  :o)

Since my youngest is 6 and a boy, I don’t really need a doll, a baby carrier, or a tea set.  BUT, I have several little nieces and nephews.  Plus, I know several women who are expecting.  If I win, I know I will be able to bless someone else and that was worth the effort to repeatedly enter those giveaways.

It is also worth noting that Sarah’s reviews don’t always end in a giveaway, but I’ve found them to be a great way to learn about products that I’ve never heard of before.  For instance, she reviewed the FUMI purse hook, which is perfect for the germaphobe!

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HGTV Dream Home 2010 Giveaway

Enter here!   You can enter once per day from now through February 19, 2010.

Here’s a cut & paste about the giveaway:

Enjoy High-Desert Living

Enter for your chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2010, a contemporary Southwest-style home situated in the shadow of the breathtaking Sandia Mountains in Sandia Park, N.M. The grand prize package — worth more than $2 million — also includes $500,000 and an all-new 2010 GMC® Terrain.

Remember, you can enter once a day through February 19, 2010, for a chance to live the dream.

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Blog Recommendation: Daily Essentials and Deals

Megan, author of Daily Essentials and Deals, has a family friendly blog site with (in Megan’s words) a three-fold  purpose:  “First to help me get my daily dose of the Bible (and be accountable), second to focus on family, and of course to talk about THE COUPON DEALS!”  I subscribed to Megan’s blog several weeks ago and have found her coupon links very helpful.  I also enjoy her posts and pictures.  If interested, you can subscribe to her blog.  Or, just drop in and visit her site once in a while.  I recommend subscribing because, as does mine, her blog has some time-sensitive offers.

Also, as a fun bonus, she sponsors giveaways.  The current giveaway is a bottle of lotion from Skin MD, which the company provided to Megan for the giveaway.  Click here to see the details and then leave a comment for an entry in the giveaway.  The giveaway is open to everyone!  :o)

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Week 5 of the Girlhood Giveaway (Remembrance Press)

I blogged about this during Week 4 and am happy to report another giveaway.  This time, they are giving away TWO $50 shopping sprees for Remembrance Press products, plus 4 Comfort & Joy Christmas issues.

Here’s the scoop, directly from their site:

This has been so fun. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on the last post. We are privileged to be a part of your lives!

Eric and I were trying to decide what to give way when  he said something about a shopping spree. I said, “Yes, that’s it!” So here we go again.  We’re giving two “Blessed”participants  $50.00 shopping sprees on Remembrance Press Products, plus we’re giving away4 more Comfort and Joy Christmas Issues.

The contest starts  12/17/2009 ends 12/20/2009.

Here are the rules:

Leave  a comment here about a favorite Christmas experience you’ve had (past or more recent) and tell a friend about this giveaway.

Blessings one and all,

Jill and Eric

Remember, leave a way for us to get a hold of you if you don’t have a blog!”

Week 5 Girlhood Giveaway

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