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Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves: Review of WOOMBIE & Giveaway

I recently blogged here about how much I love Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves.  She has awesome reviews and giveaways.  Entering her giveaways is easy and you can “earn” multiple entries by following her guidelines.  I won’t be blogging about every giveaway she has because I’d be blogging about her every day.  LOL!  But, I do think today’s review and giveaway is worth mentioning.  I had never heard of the Woombie before I read about it in her blog newsletter, but it looks like a lifesaver for the parent with a newborn. I really wish I’d had Woombie for my newborns!

Here is a short excerpt from her review of Woombie:

“You can help ease your baby’s transition from the womb to the outside world with Woombie. It is a safe way to swaddle your baby and reduce discomfort. It follows SIDS guidelines and is designed to help your baby sleep better and safer.”

Please visit the MMMH blog to read more and enter the giveaway.  And don’t forget to scroll down to see more of her great reviews and giveaways!


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