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This Week @ Family Intel: Summary of “Home Sweet Homework”

Hmmmm!  It almost seems like Family Intel has a videocamera watching our house.  Last week’s summary was particularly applicable to our family.  And it seems this week’s summary just may be too.  Even though we’re homeschoolers and homework is not a huge problem around here (everything we do is home-work–hehe!), I’m pretty sure the studying strategies part will be helpful.

Remember that you must register at Family Intel to see the summaries.  As always, registration is FREE!  🙂


~This Week~  Home Sweet Homework:  A Parent’s Guide to Stress-Free Homework & Studying Strategies That Work by Sharon Marshall Lockett

~Last Week~  Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

~Next Week~ Helping  Hyperactive Kids by Lynn Horowitz and Cecile Rost

Family Intel now has 43 FREE summaries!  Yay!


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One Response

  1. Kim Harris says:

    Thanks so much for the posts about our recent summaries. We appreciate the kind words!
    Kim & Greg Harris

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